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Create The Life You Dream Of Online Course

A Journey To Empowerment

What is it that women who are happy, confident and empowered in their lives doing differently than those that feel lost, resentful, overwhelmed and like they are on a downward spiral they can’t seem to stop? The answer: they have mastered their abilities to reclaim their personal power, be the author of their story, connect with their greatest asset (their inner voice), build their self-love, ditch the guilt and trust themselves fully. This 6 week online course is designed to help you master these areas in your own life so you can feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your life. By the end of it, you'll no longer be waiting for someone or something else to make you happy- you’ll have the strategies and tools to do that yourself.


How To Let Go Of Your Past Online Course

The past is finished. Learn from it and let go. It sounds so simple. Yet the truth is that letting go of your past is difficult and complicated. The good news? It's worth it! Letting go of the baggage  that holds you back in your life is the key to happiness and healing. It allows you to make room for wonderful things to enter your life and for you to find peace in your present life.  This 2 part course is designed to help you master the art of releasing the pain and suffering of the past so that you can experience more peace and happiness in your present moment. By the end of it you'll have an action plan that you can follow to let go of all the things that you are holding on to and are causing you great pain. If you are ready to finally set yourself free from what has happened to you in the past then this is the course for you.


Manifest Your Greatest Desires Online Challenge

A step by step process to begin manifesting your greatest desires

This challenge takes the mystery out of manifesting. You’ll realize anything is possible. The universe honours your actions. In this challenge I’ll share with you a step by step process to begin manifesting your greatest desires. You’ll learn powerful strategies to help you take your life to the next level and I’ll give you my personal daily manifesting routine that has supported me in creating a thriving life that is aligned with my wants, needs and desires.


6 Secrets Of Happy Women Video Series

In this 3 part video training, I share with you the exact secrets I’ve used in my life to go from feeling depleted, frustrated, resentful and overwhelmed to feeling excited, confident, peaceful and yes, happy. In the first video we dig into the 6 Secrets of Happy Women. In the second video we focus on reconnecting with your greatest asset- your inner wisdom and in the last video I teach you my blueprint for loving and effective communication.


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