The First Steps to Let Go of The Past

"The past is finished. Learn from it and let go." It sounds so simple. Yet the truth is that letting go of your past is difficult and complicated. To let go of your past you must step outside of your comfort zone, which can cause pain and stress.

The good news? It's worth it! Letting go of the "baggage" that holds you back in your life is the key to happiness and healing. It allows you to make room for wonderful things to enter your life and for you to find peace in your present life.

Letting go of your past is a process and it doesn't happen overnight. I invite you to try this process and offer yourself compassion and support as you begin to move on from your past.

The First Steps To Letting Go Of Your Past:

Step 1: Acceptance

It's essential that you face the reality of your past head on. Often we become experts at ignoring our past and trying to move on from it before we have done this step. You'll know that this is the case if you struggle with finding peace in your present. The...

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4 Strategies for Sensitive Souls


Have you ever heard these words "you’re so sensitive!"?

I can’t count the number of times I was told that in my life. For years (until honestly, I hit my early 30’s) I believed that my sensitivity and emotions were my BIGGEST WEAKNESSES.

Then I DISCOVERED that I’m an EMPATH and it all made perfect sense:

My sensitivity and emotional awareness are actually my GREATEST STRENGTHS (and your's too!).

I REALIZED not everyone has these abilities.
AND I LEARNED that I was often taking on the energy and emotions of others, which was DEPLETING ME (raise your virtual hand if this resonates!)


1) REALIZE that you take on other’s emotions and energy

2) SHIELD/ PROTECT: Image yourself surrounded by a pink light or a waterfall (it’s a permeable barrier, good energy can move through it, but negative energy cannot penetrate it)


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6 Tips To Ignite Your Sexual Connection

Sex is one of the biggest areas where couples struggle in their relationship. Many people are stumbling when trying to talk about sex and, therefore, are left suffering in silence.

There is a spectrum of comfort zones when it comes to sex; however, generally there is much silence and inhibition around the topic of sex in our culture. We often feel embarrassed and get offended when we talk about sex. This directly transfers into our intimate relationships.

Creating a thriving relationship requires that we build the foundation of our sexual connection.

Sexual connection requires anticipation and excitement. This is why the sex is often amazing in the beginning of a relationship. The anticipation of the first kiss, next date, first time getting intimate is built into the dating process. When we are in a long-term committed relationship, this anticipation and excitement are no longer built-in features.

We must learn how to generate these feelings of anticipation and excitement to ignite...

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You Are Enough Exactly As You Are

Self love is a huge part of bringing more happiness into your present life. What is happening internally within you is what is going to be happening in your outside world.

Once you can learn to love yourself more the shifts will be substantial. It all begins with self love. If you don't love yourself it's impossible to be happy.

How Do You Increase Self Love?

In order to start this process of increasing the love you have for yourself, you must do a few things. 

1) Stop The Self Criticism

Often we are our own BIGGEST critics. We spend a great deal of time focusing on
what we have done wrong, what is wrong with us, what we wish we were, what we
are lacking. We spend hours and hours putting ourselves down.

There is no room for criticism of yourself or others when building self love.

A) Become aware of your tendencies to:

  • put yourself down
  • focus on everything that is wrong with you
  • point out all your flaws
  • focus on the negative in yourself
  • search for where you aren't measuring up
  • ...
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3 Keys To Emotional Connection

At the centre of a thriving intimate relationship with our beloved is a deep sense of connection. The need to know the answer to the questions “Are you there for me? Are we okay? Can I relax and know that we as a couple are okay?” are greatly ingrained.

 It has been found that having a strong connection is the number one determiner of a happy and stable relationship. If our relationship lacks connection, all attempts to improve the relationships will fail. Connection underpins of the foundation of a relationship. Connection is the key.

Connection with our beloved takes time, commitment and work and can dwindle in the blink of an eye. Like most things, continuing is easier than stopping and starting again.

Connection is like a muscle; the more you work it, the stronger it becomes. The more consistent and committed we are to exercising our connection, the faster we’ll see results. Just like a muscle, if we stop working it regularly and consistently it will begin...

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Are You Open To Receiving

Do you feel like you are always giving and never receiving? My question for you then is this - are you being open to receiving?

Sometimes we’ll start to feel like people don’t care about us or don’t appreciate us or that they’re not giving to us. What I’ve discovered is it’s not that the people in our lives, like our loved ones, don’t give to us. It’s that we’re not open to receiving from them.

This can be caused by a few things:

  1. We Are Givers

We may struggle to receive because as givers we are conditioned to give and give and give, yet it can feel like we don’t know how to receive.

This can be as simple as if somebody says to you, “Oh my gosh. You look so beautiful today. I love that dress”. Right away, you get all uncomfortable and say, “Oh, this old thing?” or “I got this off the sales rack.” You are unable to receive the compliment.

I invite you to allow that to land with you....

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Going from Miscommunication to Understanding

Miscommunication is rampant in relationships and causes a great deal of destruction. It’s the times when we say one thing and another thing is understood, and the times when we say nothing and quiet damage occurs.

What we say and what someone hears and understands are two different things. It’s often like the children’s game telephone: the first person in the line whispers something, and by the time it reaches the last person, the message has become something else entirely.

Humans have many different ways to communicate, and each person has a unique way of doing this. Sometimes it can feel like we are two people speaking two different languages, yelling at each other but not understanding what the other is saying.

We can get caught in the trap of believing that we are speaking perfectly clearly and that the other person can understand our way of communicating. This assumption brings us into the dangerous territory of believing that the person we’re speaking...

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Live With Flow & Ease

What is good for you is good for everyone. If you find yourself in a situation where your intuition is yelling at you, remember, you don’t have to push through.

Lean into your inner knowing and allow it to guide you through your decisions. Kick the guilt to the side for a while and begin to lean into the flow of your life. You don’t need to, have to, could, or should…. (fill in the blank).

Be proud of yourself for taking the time to listen to your intuition and stand in your truth.

In situations where you are honouring yourself and your intuition, often your ego will pop up and use the guilt, need to, have to, should, could etc. to try and get you to default back to doing what you think you should.

To work with your ego say, “I see you. I hear you. I know you think I should do this. This is a commitment to me. To honouring myself.”

Refrain from battling with your ego. Acknowledge and honour your ego. And then come back and trust that you are exactly...

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Your Ultimate Relationship Vision

Today we are exploring what you want your relationship to be.

When we find ourselves in flux, so desperately wanting to change the trajectory of our relationship, we need to decide to do so. We need to become aware of and change old patterns. We need to try something we’ve never tried before because what we’re used to doing just isn’t working.

Turning against our beloved and telling them all the things they do that are wrong and where they are failing is only going to cause more damage. If we want change, we must consciously create the relationship we desire.

 Our power lies in making the decision that we want something to be different. Then deciding what that looks like and taking the steps to make it happen.

First, you and your beloved must decide what your ultimate relationship vision is. What do you want your ideal relationship to look like, to feel like, to be like? Allow yourself to dream. To imagine what your ideal relationship looks like.


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Build Your Self Love

“Stop bruising your soul for everything you’re not.
Start loving yourself for everything you are.”

Today I’m called to share this message with you:

If you want to create the life you dream of, you must first stop bruising your soul for everything you’re not.

Start loving ourselves for everything you are.

This is the foundation of self love and it’s key to having a life where you feel happy!

When we are critical of ourselves. When we focus on everything that we are not. We’ll hit a point where it can become difficult to identify what we love about ourselves because we are so focused on what we aren’t.

Where to start building your self love:

1) Stop The Self Criticism

We are often our own biggest critics. We spend a great deal of time focusing on what we have done wrong, what is wrong with us, what we wish we were, what we are lacking. We spend hours and hours putting ourselves down.

Become aware of your tendencies to:

  • Put yourself down...
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