Build Your Self Love

“Stop bruising your soul for everything you’re not.
Start loving yourself for everything you are.”

Today I’m called to share this message with you:

If you want to create the life you dream of, you must first stop bruising your soul for everything you’re not.

Start loving ourselves for everything you are.

This is the foundation of self love and it’s key to having a life where you feel happy!

When we are critical of ourselves. When we focus on everything that we are not. We’ll hit a point where it can become difficult to identify what we love about ourselves because we are so focused on what we aren’t.

Where to start building your self love:

1) Stop The Self Criticism

We are often our own biggest critics. We spend a great deal of time focusing on what we have done wrong, what is wrong with us, what we wish we were, what we are lacking. We spend hours and hours putting ourselves down.

Become aware of your tendencies to:

  • Put yourself down...
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Clean Up Your Side of the Street

In today’s blog post, we are bringing our attention to relationships. More precisely, we are turning our gaze to ourselves.

Only after we understand and nourish ourselves by taking care of our needs can we then be ready to dive deeply into the inner workings of our relationship with our beloved. 

First, we must steady our own self, because if we aren’t happy in ourselves, if we aren’t paying attention to our needs, development and growth, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to experience happiness in our relationship. Our relationship can only be as happy as we are. It begins with us.

To begin to clean up your side of the street, we must change our mindset and realize that taking care of ourselves isn’t selfish; it’s necessary. We cannot take care of others if we are not filling our tank up first.

When we are not taking care of ourselves we seek fulfillment of our needs from external sources—often our relationship with our beloved....

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For All The Overwhelmed Mamas


This week’s post is for all you mamas out there who are overwhelmed with life. Who are overwhelmed with trying to keep all the balls in the air. 

I get it. I know what it’s like to feel frazzled and to feel like I’m completely and utterly overwhelmed. I wanted to share with you a couple of tips that you can use to calm yourself down when you’re getting to that point where you feel like everything is escalating, where if one more thing happens you just might snap.

What do I mean by snap?

It's when we feel ourselves escalating. It’s almost like this energy is coming up through our bodies, and we can feel it just getting to a point where we’re not sure if we’re going to be able to hold it in any longer.

When you get to that point where you’ve asked your kids to do something over and over and over again and they’re just not listening or when your baby keeps waking up in the middle of the night and...

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Living With Intention

Today I’m so excited to share with you how to best live with intention in our lives.

 I'll introduce you to the process that I’ve learned, which is choosing three words that we use to live with more intention in our lives, so we can fully show up as our best selves.

This is an exercise that I learned from one of my mentors, Brendon Burchard, and I love using it. I use it in my own life to really live into more and more of who I want to become, and also with all of my clients, so that they can decide who they want to be and intentionally live into that.

What I wanted to do today is just take a little time to close our eyes and I’ll walk you through the process of first choosing those three words that you’d like to use to become more present and live with intention in your life.

If you’ll play along with me, just closing your eyes, and I’ll do the same, so you’re not the only one. Just closing your eyes here for a second, taking a...

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Are You Trusting Yourself?

Today we are going to talk about trusting ourselves. The reality is is that we need to begin to trust ourselves and trust those gut instincts that we get. 

Too often we spend time questioning, right? Say you walk into a room and you get this feeling like something's off, but you can't explain why so you push that feeling away. Don't push those feelings away. Let's today make the commitment that we are going to begin to listen to ourselves, to listen to those little red flags that pop up, to listen to those gut instincts that we have, to listen to the little hair that stands up on the back of our necks. Too often we're not listening. We're ignoring. We're justifying. We're pushing those instincts away. 

    That's out inner voice. That's what's speaking to us and that's what's giving us guidance in our lives. If we don't hone into it, and if we keep shutting it down, and silencing it, then we aren't living from our greatest selves. We're living from a place...

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How To Generate More Happiness In Your Life

The reality is is that often we sit around and we’re like, "I want to be happy, I want to feel happier, I’m just not happy in my life."

Happiness is not something that happens to you. Happiness is something that you generate. You can generate happiness. And with that comes great control over your own happiness. 

So this is an exciting topic because often we feel very disempowered and we believe:  "well, I’m just not happy. My life is just not going the way that I want, I’m not happy in my marriage, my kids are driving me crazy, I don’t have the job that I want, one day when I reach this point in my life, one day when I have more money in the bank, one day when I graduate from university, one day when my children are older, one day when, one day when, one day when."

Does this sound familiar to you? The reality is that happiness is not going to be something that happens to you. It’s not something in the far off future that’s going...

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Feeling Crappy? Here's How To Figure Out Why.

You know often in our lives we feel crappy. We feel blah. We feel unhappy and we can’t really pinpoint why. We’re not sure what’s going on. We just know that we’re not feeling happy in our lives. One of the ways we can really try and figure out what is that’s happening is to look at our lives in a more holistic way – looking at our lives in all of the different areas of our lives. 


One way to do this is to use the seven arenas of your life and to rate them. Today, that’s what we’re going to focus on. We’re going to look at the seven arenas of your life and then you’re going to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. One being, “This part of my life is awful. There’s nothing good happening in it.” Ten being, “This part of my life is absolutely amazing. There’s not any room for improvement. It’s just wonderful.” OK, so the seven arenas, and I want you to rate them 1 to 10, one...

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Want more support with letting go? check out Cheryl's How To Let Go Of The Past Training click here

Today we're talking about forgiveness and how it is that you can really let go of the things that are burdening you in your life. Over the course of my journey, as you all know I have this journey that I've been on where I'm learning of these new things, and I love to share them with you to help you become empowered in your own lives, so that you can really begin to feel happy and confident and like you're in control of your own life. In order to feel all of those things, forgiveness is something that we all have to work through in our lives. The things is, is that forgiveness is, when we talk about forgiveness, it sounds a whole lot easier than it is. You know what I'm talking about, right? You want to let go. You want to just leave that stuff in the past, but every time you try, it's hard to do that.

    Today I just want to talk about some of the lessons that I've...

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An Explanation: Connect Authentically, Love Unconditionally, Trust Fully

Today we're going to talk about those three things that I say at the end of every video. I always say connect authentically, love unconditionally, and trust fully. I wanted to explain to you today what those mean. That's one of the questions that I'm often asked. "Well what exactly do you mean by that?" Connect authentically can mean a million different things as well as love unconditionally and trust fully. So, I wanted to talk to you about what those mean to me and why I use them at the end of every video because those three things are how I live my life. Those three things are along this journey of life are the things that I have come to learn and come to really understand that in a lot of those areas I was lacking, especially a few year ago when I was feeling lost, overwhelmed, and really alone.

    That's why I use them but I really wanted to explain to you today what exactly they mean. When I say connect authentically. What's that all about is ripping off our...

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Ready To Make Your Greatest Desires You're Reality?

There's a lot of buzz about manifesting, but where do you start?

Here’s 3 ways to begin working on your mindset to align with your greatest desires. 

** Do these 3 things every single day ** 

 1) Say It Out Loud (Affirmations) Read these out loud every day. 

 *How do you write an affirmation? 
 A) Write down the belief you are working on stepping into. 
 B) Write it in the present tense in a positive form, as if it has already happened. 

 2) Visualize It for 3-4 min everyday. 

*What is it like when all of these things (the affirmations you just read) are your reality. *What are you doing? 
*How are you feeling? 
*Really take this in depth and feel it in the cells of your body 

3) Take Inspired Action by asking for divine guidance and tuning into your inner wisdom. 

*Close your eyes and say: "What inspired action is meant for me." 
*Listen for the guidance, it'll come. 

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