Are You Trusting Yourself?

Uncategorized May 17, 2018

Today we are going to talk about trusting ourselves. The reality is is that we need to begin to trust ourselves and trust those gut instincts that we get. 

Too often we spend time questioning, right? Say you walk into a room and you get this feeling like something's off, but you can't explain why so you push that feeling away. Don't push those feelings away. Let's today make the commitment that we are going to begin to listen to ourselves, to listen to those little red flags that pop up, to listen to those gut instincts that we have, to listen to the little hair that stands up on the back of our necks. Too often we're not listening. We're ignoring. We're justifying. We're pushing those instincts away. 

    That's out inner voice. That's what's speaking to us and that's what's giving us guidance in our lives. If we don't hone into it, and if we keep shutting it down, and silencing it, then we aren't living from our greatest selves. We're living from a place where were pushing aside our inner wisdom. 

    I challenge you this week to take some time and ask yourself, "What am I pushing aside? What have I been ignoring? Where have I been silencing myself?" Because this happens in all of our lives. We do this in many different areas of our lives. We do this when we walk up to the elevator, and the door opens, and there's somebody inside, and we just get that feeling, but we don't want to hurt their feelings so we walk inside. We put ourselves ... Not necessarily we put ourselves in danger, but we go against our inner guidance. You don't need to justify it. You don't need to explain it. We just need to follow it. 

    When you're struggling. When we have these situations in our lives and we're wondering, "What should I do? I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know what I should do." We're asking our friends. We're asking our parents. We're asking our co-workers. Take the time and ask yourself, "What should I do in this situation?" Take the time to get quiet and go in to yourself and ask yourself, because the answers to those questions lie within you. You just need to start to believe that you have the answers. When you hear those answers, then listen. Don't ignore. 

    You know I was at this event that Oprah put on a couple of years ago and I loved the way that she explained what happens in our lives when we ignore, when we ignore, when we ignore those red flags, when we ignore those gut instincts, when we ignore we silence what our intuition is telling us. She says, "First it will be like a pebble upside the head. Right? It will be like, hey, here's a little red flag. Hey, here's that little nagging feeling. If we ignore it, then we'll get a bigger sign. We'll get a rock thrown at us. If we continue to ignore, then we're going to hit a brick wall and we're going to hit crisis in our lives until we begin to pay attention to all of these signs, to all of these red flags, to all of these gut instincts, to all of this intuition that we keep ignoring, that we keep silencing. It doesn't go away. It just gets louder, and louder, and louder." 

    Our inner voice, our inner guidance doesn't ever go away. If we ignore it, if we silence it it will just get louder. It will just make more noise. That might look like a crisis in your life. That might look like becoming sick. It might look like dealing with some anxiety with panic attacks. However it manifests in your life, for me it's physical symptoms. My stomach. I started having trouble sleeping when I'm not listening to myself. 

    This week I challenge you. Let's together, let's start to trust in ourselves. Trust in the wisdom that we have within us and begin to ask ourselves, "Okay, what is it that I have been ignoring? What have I been pushing away? What red flags are popping up that I'm silencing in my life? Why am I silencing them? What happens if maybe I take the time to believe that what I'm feeling is right to trust myself? What happens then?" Start asking yourself that and begin to trust yourself again. Okay? 

    Our intuition, our gut instincts, that's how we speak to ourselves. We know what we need in our lives, and we know when things are off, and it's really our job to begin to listen, and to begin to trust. If it's gotten to a point where we've shut it down so much where I was in my life a few years ago. I had shut down that inner wisdom of myself so much that I could not even hear it, so it's like starting from scratch. It's getting in touch with our inner voice again and then once we do that, once we get in touch, then to listen. 

    I hope that this will be something ... This is why you know every week I say, "Connect authentically, love unconditionally, and trust fully." The trust fully is all about trusting yourself. Not trusting other people in the world. Of course, we want that trust too, but particularly for the three things that I talk about it's for trusting yourself because that is where your greatest wisdom is. 

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