An Explanation: Connect Authentically, Love Unconditionally, Trust Fully

Uncategorized May 17, 2018

Today we're going to talk about those three things that I say at the end of every video. I always say connect authentically, love unconditionally, and trust fully. I wanted to explain to you today what those mean. That's one of the questions that I'm often asked. "Well what exactly do you mean by that?" Connect authentically can mean a million different things as well as love unconditionally and trust fully. So, I wanted to talk to you about what those mean to me and why I use them at the end of every video because those three things are how I live my life. Those three things are along this journey of life are the things that I have come to learn and come to really understand that in a lot of those areas I was lacking, especially a few year ago when I was feeling lost, overwhelmed, and really alone.

    That's why I use them but I really wanted to explain to you today what exactly they mean. When I say connect authentically. What's that all about is ripping off our masks. It showing up authentically as who we are and not walking around sort of with this French Han, with his mask on. I know as I went through my journey and realized that I was wearing a lot of masks in my life. That's why I was feeling so alone. That's why I was feeling so lost because from the outside looking into my life everything looked great. It looked great because that's what I portrayed. That's what I portrayed to the world. When I talked to my best friends I was like everything's fantastic. I have a wonderful husband and fantastic kids. I did and I do but something was off for me. I think part of what was off for me is I wasn't being real and I wasn't authentically talking about what was actually happening inside of me. How I was actually feeling. 

    There were times when I was feeling really overwhelmed with my kids. I would often just pretend that everything was fine. The closest people to me, I would never even tell them that I was feeling overwhelmed. I began to feel really alone because as I put up that front other people put up that front. If I'm saying to somebody, "Everything is fantastic. My life is wonderful." It doesn't leave an opening for them to be real and authentic with me and say, "Well actually this is what's happening in my life." I started to be open and I started to be authentic and really be honest about who I was and what was happening. As I did that people began to give that back to me. I no longer felt so alone and that's why connecting authentically to me is so important. 

    I am who I am. What's happening in my life is happening in my life and I want to share that with people. I want to share that with the people that's close to me and I want to share that with everybody. I share that with you guys on a weekly basis about what's happening in my life. I want to create a space, create a world where I show up a me. Where I don't wear a mask. Where I'm not putting up a front and I'm just authentically me. I want to hold a space where people can give that back so they can be authentically who they are. That's what connecting authentically is all about.

    Then, loving unconditionally is about loving ourselves unconditionally. I think that a lot of what happens for us as we go through our lives, and I know for me this is where I was a few years ago, I couldn't have told you what was good about me. I was at a point in my life where I felt like me being sensitive was a terrible thing, me being emotional was a terrible thing. I was at a point in my life where I didn't have a lot of self love for myself. That's why over the course of everything that I do it's all about empowering. My passion is to help other people become empowered in their lives so that they can feel confident and happy, like they'll be authors of their story. 

    Loving ourselves unconditionally and really paying attention to what makes us uniquely us. What makes us magnificent because inside of us we are magnificent and often we are holding all of that in and we aren't shinning our lights. We aren't showing the world everything that we are because we aren't loving ourselves unconditionally so if we don't even love that about ourselves why would we shine it in the world. Why would we show the world that. That's what loving unconditionally means. Loving ourselves unconditionally, believing in ourselves, knowing that we are amazing human being and that we have a ton of strengths and then sharing all of that with the world.

    Lastly, trusting fully. This isn't about trusting other people fully. This is again, about ourselves. This is about us trusting ourselves fully. This is about, what I talked about a couple of weeks ago, which is really listening to our inner voices, and those instincts, and that intuition, and that inner wisdom that we have. Trusting fully that we know what's best for us in this world. Trusting fully that our intuition and our gut instincts will never steer us wrong. So, trusting fully in ourselves. 

That's what those three things are all about. I just wanted to share that with you because I have never actually explained those three things. So, until I see you next week connect authentically, love unconditionally, and trust fully. 

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