How To Let Go Of Your Past Online Training

Your Ultimate 8 Step Process To Release The Pain Of Your Past & Be At Peace In The Present.


Here's What You'll Learn

Cheryl will teach you everything you need to know to leave your past in the past.

  • Cheryl's Ultimate 8 Step Process To Letting Go Of Your Past
  • Specific strategies to release the pain and suffering of your past
  • A step-by-step process to forgiving yourself and others
  • Action steps to begin having more peace in the present moment
  • Where to turn to for support
  • Strategies to move beyond harmful and hurtful situations of the past
  • Skills to deal with any anger, resentment, guilt or shame you feel from past events

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl is the founder of The Create The Life You Dream of Movement. She’s multi-passionate and shares her work as an author, speaker, healer, teacher & empowerment coach.


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