Only you have the power to revive your relationship!

Disconnection is the root cause of the pain and loneliness so many of us feel in our relationships.

In her new book, Relationship Revival, Cheryl Paige provides the tools you need to move out of the pain of disconnection and into the joy of connection, love and fulfillment.

With searing honesty, she shares the valuable lessons she’s learned from her journey of reviving her own intimate relationship. In her warm and vulnerable voice, Cheryl gently guides you through the 8 pillars of relationship revival:

Pillar 1: Make a Choice

Pillar 2: Clean up Your Side of the Street

Pillar 3: Design Your Ultimate Relationship Vision

Pillar 4: Learn Loving & Effective Communication

Pillar 5: Create Your Emotional Connection Plan

Pillar 6: Ignite Your Sexual Connection

Pillar 7: Let Go of the Past

Pillar 8: Get on the Same Team


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These pillars form the stable foundation for a thriving relationship where each person feels honoured and free to maintain their individuality.

Each pillar contains practical action steps of strategies and healing techniques to use as you revive your relationship.

Dive into your relationship with your beloved and with yourself as Cheryl leads you on a path of learning how to best use your relationships for your own personal growth and evolution. Pick this book up over and over again for support as you build the strong, connected and fulfilling relationship you desire.

What readers are saying:

“Relationship Revival is a powerful and transformational book. What I loved most is that she provides practical tools to use and apply along with her wisdom.”


“So many aha moments & tears… and feelings of relief and acknowledgement that someone else gets it when before I believed I was all alone.”


“Cheryl, I’m so moved… this came to me at a critical time. Reading your words, stories, truths and step by step suggestions to deal with each emotion I’ve been feeling was clear.”


“Once I started reading, I was in! You captured a reality and something I’m sure most of us feel but go through alone.”a


“Relationship Revival is comforting, inspiring & empowering.”


“Your writing and message captures me and I want more!”


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